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The Three Seas Initiative Investment Fund is an investment vehicle to finance key infrastructure projects in the Three Seas region. BGK, Polish Development Bank is its initiator, co-founder and main investor. The Fund invests in transport, energy and digital infrastructure in the Three Seas region.

The financing needed in the three areas the Fund is focused on – transport, energy and digital infrastructure - by the year 2030 totals EUR 600 billion, as estimated by the analytical center SpotData. Public and European Union funds will not cover these expenses, private funds will be complementary to them. The increase of the investors share in the infrastructural investments is actually one of the assumptions for creating the Three Seas Initiative Investment Fund.

The Three Seas Fund is a commercial project – apart from strengthening the cooperation between the countries and improving the infrastructure in the region, the Fund’s goal is an attractive return to the investors.

Institutions representing the Three Seas countries, international financial institutions and private investors from all over the world may be the investors in the Fund. It is estimated that the Fund will ultimately have at its disposal from 3 to 5 billion euro, investing in the projects of total worth up to 100 billion euro.

The Fund invests in commercial projects, located in the Three Seas region and of a cross-border nature i.e., affecting at least two countries. The projects should be on the greenfield stage or have the prospects of scale of operations growth, and also use the latest available technologies for a given sector. The Fund already has investments in each of its three strategic areas - transport, energy and digital infrastructure. Professional and independent entities are responsible for the Fund’s investment process.

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