About us

Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego siedziba

We are a Polish development bank - the only institution of this type in Poland. Our mission is to support sustainable social and economic growth of our country. In 2025 we want to be the leader in creating and implementing the programmes that enhance stable and competitive economy, supported by strong social capital.

We respond to major development challenges in key areas of economy, we cooperate with the market and stabilize it, and also adjust our activities to emerging needs, trends and market challenges through BGK strategy pillars and programmes.

We initiate and develop the cooperation between business, public sector and financial institutions to counter the negative effects of cyclicality of the economy. We support the development of Polish industry and its competitiveness, finance the largest infrastructural investment projects, provide Poles with greater access to the housing market and support the activity of Polish companies, both domestically and internationally.

Our activity is based on doing business in a responsible, ethical and sustainable manner. Therefore, we undertake a wide range of initiatives aimed at promoting entrepreneurship, innovation, ecology, as well as fair treatment of employees, partners and customers. We act in accordance with the values: openness, team work and responsibility.

We boast almost 100 years of history that serves as a source of inspiration for our current activities. Since our establishment in 1924, employees of the bank have participated in numerous events of great significance for the economic development of Poland. We financed some strategic investment projects, such as construction of the port and shipyard in Gdynia and creation of the Central Industrial District. After the political breakthrough of 1989, when Poland regained its independence, the authorities decided that the bank should revert to playing its original role of an institution that is tasked, primarily, with fostering the economic growth of Poland. 

At Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego, we rely on our experience and analyze our historical achievements to operate even more effectively in the future. We work, on a daily basis, for the benefit of Poland and of future generations.

Strategy 2021-2025

We are a Polish development bank – the only institution of this type in Poland. Our mission is to support sustainable social and economic growth.


Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego is a state development bank - the only such institution in Poland. We operate in accordance with the Act passed on March 14th, 2003. The BGK Act regulates the scope of our tasks and describes the method of appointing and operating of the bank's authorities.

Sustainable development

BGK is an institution supporting Poland's sustainable socio-economic development.

BGK’s representative office abroad

Mission od BGK' representative officies is to promote Polish economy and development strategy on the international scene as communicated to regulatory authorities and financial institutions, support Polish enterprises in their expansion abroad as well as participating in the process of drafting and amending international legislation

Cooperating institutions

We work with a network of international partners: development banks, commercial banks and financial institutions.

Prizes and Awards

Employees are the most valuable assets an our organization. It is crucial for us to create a workplace that is friendly and enables development. All these efforts were appreciated by granting us numerous awards and honors.

AML policy in BGK

BGK Policy on Anti-Money Laundering, Combating the Financing of Terrorism and the Application of International Restrictive Sanctions

Investor relations

Issues of bonds, Annual report and Pillar III 

Correspondent banks

A list of institutions providing payment and other services to Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego.