BGK Strategy 2021-2025

Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego is a Polish development bank – the only institution of this type in Poland. Our mission is to support sustainable social and economic growth.

Our role in building a strong and stable economy is to develop the cooperation and activate the public and private sector in order to increase the potential of social and economic growth.

We want to be the leader of programmes for sustainable development.

Strategy pillars

The strategy of Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego is based on five pillars:

Sustainable development

Our goal is to create sustainable financing solutions and develop the ecosystem of cooperating institutions at creating solutions for sustainable economy.

We want to build the awareness of what sustainable development is, create responsible attitude and behavior among our employees, customers and partners.

Our responsibility is such use of available resources that shall provide further development and better living conditions for future generations.

Social commitment

We have been building the social capital for almost 100 years. We wish for Polish people to be a well-educated, strong and environmentally-aware society. We will shape and develop modern Polish statehood through activities in four key areas: education, culture, sport and ecology.

We want to activate different social groups and local societies. The operation of our foundations, cooperation with social, non-governmental organizations and ministries as well as our everyday business and voluntary activities are to serve this goal.

International business and cooperation

Through our actions we want to increase the competitiveness of Polish economy and also improve the level of internationalizing of Polish companies. We want to be a strong partner co-creating solutions supporting the foreign expansion of Polish companies and recommending strategic directions of development.

Our role is also developing cooperation with foreign and international institutions and obtaining external financing for the strategic for Poland investments and economic projects.

We will build the attractiveness of Poland among foreign investors as the place with high intellectual potential. We want to attract external capital to Poland and create knowledge centers in order to keep intellectual property in the country.

The strategy of Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego is not only the business pillars, but equally important internal pillars as well. They enable the improvement of our organization in line with the needs and expectations of our employees, partners and stakeholders.

Digital and process transformation

We create optimal conditions for dynamic development designated by our business strategy. This consists of the system of constant business processes improvement and digitalization development as well as automation and robotization. Thanks to this we will be able to adapt quickly to the new market and economy needs and create products and services adjusted to the needs of our partners and customers.

Effective management model

We want to use the full potential and competences of all employees of the bank. We place great emphasis on teamwork and interdisciplinary model. Our goal is effective action in line with organizational culture rules and values embraced by us – openness, teamwork and responsibility.  

Business model

The business model is the foundation of the operations of Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego. Through the business model programmes we respond to the market and economic needs and challenges, and thanks to this we effectively support the sustainable social and economic development of Poland.

Industrial development

Increase in the competitive power of Polish industry

Infrastructure, transport and logistics

Development of integrated and sustainable transport system in Poland

Entrepreneurship development

Financing the development and liquidity needs of companies

Strategic security

Sustainable development in energy industry and strengthening defense security


Improving access and quality of healthcare

Public finance

Sustainable financing of the State, quality and service effectiveness

Social and territorial cohesion

Improving residents’ quality of life and creating financial support for local government units


Increasing housing supply for people of low or moderate income


The values are the driving force of our organizational culture. Openness, teamwork and responsibility are visible in our attitudes and behaviour and ensure the implementation of BGK’s strategy


Openness is an honest, respectful communication, readiness for changes and courage to seek for new solutions. It is important for us both in internal relations as well as in contact with external stakeholders.


Teamwork is focusing on achieving a common goal thanks to the cooperation of people with diverse and complementary competences. We achieve business goals thanks to the work of well-chosen project teams.


Responsibility is acting with full awareness of the consequences of your decisions and their impact on the organization. We have a responsibility to support social and economic development of Poland with our work.

BGK Strategy 2021-2025

Presentation: BGK Strategy 2021-2025

You will find out:

  • how we implemented the strategy for the years 2017-2020,
  • how we supported the economy during COVID-19,
  • what our strategy for the coming years is.