BGK’s representative office in Frankfurt am Main

BGK’s representative office in Frankfurt am Main.

The mission of BGS’s Frankfurt-based representative office is to promote the bank and Poland by holding meetings, organizing events and participating in conferences. The office’s task is to co-operate with regional development banks and the German development bank, KfW Bankengruppe: co-operation and sharing experiences help build close relations with the representatives of development banks in individual states.

The representative office was also tasked with supporting export to Germany and examining opportunities for the expansion of Polish companies. Training and seminars are organized for the staff of Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego in German financial institutions.

Apart from its partnership with KfW Bankengruppe, development banks in different states and specialist financial institutions such as AKA Ausfuhrkreditgesselschft mbH, the Frankfurt am Mein representative office also teams up with Polish institutions that can be found in Germany, including, inter alia, the Polish Investment and Trade Agency, the PKO Bank Polski’s branch office.

Krzysztof Kamola ([email protected]) is BGK’s representative in Frankfurt am Main.

Address of BGK’s representative office in Frankfurt am Main:

Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego
Junghofstr. 22-26
60311 Frankfurt am Main

Contact: [email protected]