BGK - Polish Development Bank in inter-war Poland

The establishment of Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego was an element of the large-scale reforms of Władysław Grabski, an outstanding politician. This is how the nearly 100-year history of our bank, created by a merger of three other banks, began.

Architecture - BGK Warsaw headquarters

The characteristic building of our bank's headquarters, with its scale and modernity, illustrated the effort of development of the Second Polish Republic and became a part of the fascinating history of BGK.

Support of Polish industry

From the very beginning of its existence, BGK focused on supporting Polish industry and initiating key projects for the country's economic development. It is so until today.

Affordable housing support

BGK has always been involved in projects related to solving housing problems of Poles. Thousands of apartments have been built thanks to our support.

Treasure saved in BGK vault

World War II was a difficult period for our bank. It was also the story of saving national treasures gathered before the outbreak of the war in a bank vault. And this is a story with a happy ending.

Troubled times - 1939 - 1989

Immediately after the war, it seemed that the bank would return to its mission - to support the reconstruction and development of the country. Unfortunately, three years later it turned out otherwise.

1989 - reactivation

During the Polish People's Republic times, the role and importance of BGK were gradually marginalized to become only a memory of a great history in the 1980s. After 1989, BGK came back with new power.