International cooperation

International cooperation

We initiate and expand cooperation with commercial and co-operative banks, as well as other financing institutions. We jointly offer solutions enabling thousands of Polish businesses to expand their presence, both domestically and internationally, by facilitating access to financing, promoting innovation and creating new jobs.  

Cooperation with international financial institutions
European Investment Bank (EIB) remains BGK’s main international partner in terms of funding. From EIB’s sources BGK funds both own activity and government funds managed by BGK on behalf of the state. Cooperation with the EIB covers also JESSICA Initiative (Joint Initiative of European Commission and EIB for revitalization of urban areas), where EIB plays a role of a holding funds and BGK of Urban Development Fund (UDF).
Since 1 July 2013 BGK is a shareholder of European Investment Fund (member of EIB Group responsible for supporting of the SME sector). BGK is the sole Polish shareholder of the EIF.  In the framework of this cooperation in 2013 EIF and BGK created a joint Polish Growth Fund of Funds of the initial size of EUR 90 million investing in enterprises in growth and expansion phases. In 2015 BGK and EIF signed also a counter-guarantee agreement in the framework of COSME, an European programme supporting competitiveness among SMEs

BGK does cooperate also with other international financial institutions, such as:

  •   Council of Europe Development Bank,
  •   Nordic Investment Bank,
  •   World Bank.


International associations and networks

BGK is a member of several international associations, among them:


European Association of Public Banks (EAPB) is an association comprising currently around 30 member institutions, being national promotional banks and other public financial institutions or their national associations. Among EAPB members one may find public banks with a broad mandate as well as specialized financial institutions dedicated to specific areas of economy, such as municipalities or export.  
European Association of Long-Term Investors (ELTI). ELTI comprises 24 European institutional investors, primarily national promotional banks and other institutions serving public mission in their respective countries. In enables its members to cooperate closely with European financial institutions, especially with the European Investment Bank, which is associate member. 
European Association of Guarantee Institutions (AECM) – it is international organization representing interests of several dozen of public entities active on the guarantees and sureties market, primarily for SMEs. Thanks to the exchange of information through the channel of AECM BGK gains the possibility to shape its guarantee offer basing on international standards and experience. 
Network of European Financial Institutions for SMEs (NEFI) consists of 17 public development institutions from 17 EU Members States, which share the mission of supporting small and medium-sized enterprises in their respective countries.
International Project Finance Association (IPFA) associate around 500 members from all over the world: entities from public (ministries, government agencies, cities, public development banks) and private sectors (commercial banks, investment funds, advisory companies, law firms). IPFA activity is focused on infrastructure financing in the PPP and project finance formulas. Mr. Jacek Szugajew, Deputy President of the Board, is a member of the Board  of IPFA Polish Branch Council.



Bilateral relations with national promotional banks and institutions

Participation in works and meetings of international association creates an opportunity for BGK employees to get to know better other European financial institutions. Thanks to these meetings BGK builds its knowledge base about products and business models of public banks from other countries.

Such information may be used in the development of new strategic objectives for the Bank and developing new products.

Development of bilateral relations with foreign national promotional banks translates into organisation of mutual study visits, during which BGK can learn from its partners, as well as share its own experiences in different areas.