Sustainable development

Sustainable development

Sustainable Development Report 2021

Sustainable development goals

3W Idea

BGK is an institution supporting Poland's sustainable socio-economic development. 

Sustainable development is a notion that meets the needs of modern society and at the same time cares about development opportunities for future generations. It is an effort in which the economy, society and the environment are equally important.

What do we do?

We support the implementation of many investment projects needed in Polish regions. With our financing, the city centres and towns are revitalized, roads and accompanying infrastructure are built. Schools, sewage systems are being constructed or modernized, and buses are being replaced with more ecological ones.
We also improve the housing conditions of Poles – we finance the construction of apartments for rent and rented construction, we pay thermo-modernisation bonuses. With our loans, apartment blocks and public buildings are becoming more accessible to people with disabilities.
We play a major role in the process of consolidating public finances and in managing European funds. We expand our offer of debt financing and surety-guarantee financing, that support the development of entrepreneurship and infrastructure.
Our activity affects the development of the labour market, reducing the unemployment rate or increasing the revenues of the state budget. Infrastructure projects implemented by BGK improve the quality and accessibility of public services, the state of the environment and have a positive impact on the economy.
As a Bank we act responsibly, while maintaining a rational level of risk appetite. Projects in which we want to get involved are assessed in terms of risk and their impact on the sustainable socio-economic development of the country.

Areas of special involvement of Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego:

  • We initiate and implement activities aimed at economic growth and development of enterprises – we finance infrastructure and local government projects, and co-finance the export and foreign expansion of Polish companies. We offer surety and guarantee schemes to stimulate entrepreneurship and the development of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises. We also support programs to improve the situation on the Polish housing market.
  • We mobilize capital for the economy – we participate in consortia and structure transactions on domestic and foreign markets. We cooperate with development institutions and mobilize private capital through the development of guarantee and surety programmes.
  • We supplement the banking system by filling the market gap in key areas of the economy – we operate counter-cyclically and implement programs to stimulate industries affected by stagnation. We support the development of the economy where the market does not work effectively, e.g. by financing important projects with a high level of risk. We cooperate with other financial institutions on a partnership basis, while complementing their offer.