Functionalities of bgk24 system

The bgk24 system guarantees full freedom in managing your monies deposited on the account maintained by BGK. The most important functions of the system are performed by way of the following modules:

  • Accounts
    The Accounts module allows you to get the information about accounts and events related to those accounts.
  • Payments
    The Payments function allows you to execute transactions and manage payments. In this module, you can browse statuses of instructions made, search and make transfers.
  • Deposits
    This module allows you to display deposits and deposit groups. You can see the deposit details and modify the selected deposit.
  • Loans
    Here, you can display loan account groups, loan list, check the loan repayment schedule and change the loan repayment date. Additionally, you can create and modify loan account groups.
  • Cash handling
    Cash handling allows you to browse the list of cash instructions and make orders, e.g.: open payments, closed payments, cash lodgements, instructions modifications.

Some other functionalities, that stand out of the market, are worth mentioning, too, and these are the following

  • Recording interest for individual deposits as part of one account;
  • Precise liquidity management and optimisation of the level of monies at the bank account;
  • Giving individual names to accounts;
  • Searching for account transactions in line with the selected criteria;
  • Configuration of your right to perform individual transactions;
  • Interface with the financial and accounting systems that consists in the capacity to import the transfer files and export bank account statements with flexible data structure;
  • Using the counterparties database with import option;
  • Capacity to send correspondence electronically in the form of open orders.