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Why using the new online banking service is worth your while

Why using the new online banking service is worth your while

  • 24h access to the account allows to freely use the online banking service, depending on the needs
  • advanced security mechanisms protecting you against cyber-threats,
  • simple navigation in the system and friendly context-sensitive help,
  • quick access to a range of financial data on-line, such as: history of transactions on the account, payments made, cash handling or loans repayment schedule,
  • easy access to the bank account statements in various forms,
  • easy manner of data transfer to the client’s internal accounting systems,
  • abandon functionalities allowing you to use key products and banking services,
  • system parametrization in line with your own needs and by dint of that a convenient access to the most important functionalities,
  • free choice of the instructions authentication method (qualified certificate, hardware token and mobile token),
  • capacity to log in to multiple companies with the use of one ID and password and approval of the instruction with the use of the same authentication tool in each and every company,
  • bilateral safe communication channel enabling you to send messages with enclosures between the client and the Bank.