Address / Headquarters

Temporary location and correspondence address:
ul. Chmielna 73 (VARSO 2 Building) 
00-801 Warszawa

BGK Line:
  +48 22 475 88 88
  [email protected]

We work from Monday to Friday 7:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. (UTC+1:00).
Cost per call as specified in your provider's fees and comissions.

Bank data:
al. Jerozolimskie 7
00-955 Warszawa
NIP: 525-00-12-372
REGON: 000017319


Representative Offices

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We support the development of Polish enterprises. We strive to stay as close to them as possible also in the political and financial centers in Europe: London, Frankfurt am Main, Brussels and Amsterdam.

More information at BGK's representative offices.

International Expansion and Trade Finance Department

Foreign Expansion Office:

  +48 22 475 67 32
  [email protected]

Trade Finance Team:

  +48 22 475 83 08
  [email protected]

Contact for Importers

We kindly ask Importers of Polish goods or services, interested in BGK financing, to complete our contact form.

We will contact you after receiving your data.

Financial Institutions

FI & Funding Department
FI Head

  Joanna Wróbel
  +48 22 475 85 63
  [email protected]
  [email protected]

International Cooperation

Department of International Affairs

  [email protected]


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Media Relations Officer

Media Relations Officer, Spokesperson

  Anna Czyż
  +48 609 220 208
  [email protected]