Cookies policy

The following Cookies policy is effective as of 28.01.2022

In the following Cookies policy we describe the types of cookies used on websites owned by Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego: and We also explain what these files are for.

What are cookie files and what do we use them for?

Cookies are small text files saved on your device (e.g. computer, smartphone, tablet) by the internet browser you are currently using. Cookie files are very common and used on almost all websites because they are very useful. They are used to improve website operation and make it more attractive to the user. They may also be used, inter alia, for analytical and marketing purposes.


We use three groups of cookie files on BGK websites:

  • Technical – they are essential for the proper functioning of particular websites of the bank.
  • Statistic/analytic – thanks to them we can improve our website by analyzing users’ behavior (e.g. by using Google Analytics). The data obtained are collected anonymously and do not identify Your personal data. The information obtained relates to how the website is used, and by using it we can improve the functionality of our websites and measure the effectiveness of our actions. 
  • Marketing – these files are used to adapt the content and form of advertisements displayed in advertising networks of our partners (e.g. Google, Facebook). We use them to run our marketing and remarketing campaigns. These files may store the information that you have visited and used our websites. Our partners get the information thus collected, thanks to that you may see the advertisements better suited to your preferences.

You may decide yourself if the statistic/analytic and marketing cookie files will be saved in Your browser.
Technical cookies are an exception, as they are essential for the bank’s websites to function properly.


How long is data stored in cookies?

Cookie files can be divided into two groups depending on the time for which they are installed in the browser. These can be:

  • Session cookies - that remain saved on your device until you leave the website or close the internet browser.
  • Persistent cookies - that remain on your device for the time specified in the parameters of a given file or until they are manually deleted by the user. 


How to delete cookies?

Cookie files can be easily deleted, using proper functions in internet browsers. However, you must remember that cookie files may contain information that is necessary for the website to function correctly. 

That is why deleting or completely disabling the service of cookie files on the website may result in the problem with the work of some functions of a given website.

The way of managing cookie files depends on the kind of internet browser that the user uses. Below we present direct links to the browsers producers’ websites, where you may obtain current information on this.

Additional information

On our websites we also place links to other websites that do not belong to BGK, including social networks. However, we do not have any influence on cookies policy on those websites. We advise you to – when changing to another website – read the rules applicable there.

On our websites there are also embedded videos (using so-called embedding mechanism) shared on YouTube. YouTube Privacy policy is here.   


Please note that:

  • BGK reserves the right to change this Cookies Policy at any time without informing the users about it.
  • The changes made to the Cookies Policy will always be published on this page and enter into force on the date of publication.
  • We also kindly invite you to read our Privacy policy.