Aid Fund

The Aid Fund was established under the special law to address the humanitarian crisis caused by Russian invasion of Ukraine. The Fund aims to provide financing and co-financing the support for Ukraine, particularly the citizens of Ukraine affected by the armed conflict. Tasks financed by the Fund may be implemented both inside and outside the territory of Poland.

For whom?

Entities in public finance sector acting as intermediaries in distribution of aid

What for?

To support refugees from Ukraine who have found shelter in Poland

The main goal of the Aid Fund is to support refugees from Ukraine who have found shelter in Poland. Currently, the most important actions concentrate at: 

  • supplies for reception centre services

  • psychological and medical care for refugees, including the purchase of medical products

  • payment of family, parental and social assistance benefits to refugees

  • nursery and school education of Ukrainian children

Source of financing

The Aid Fund’s financial resources come from:

  • contributions of entities in public finance sector (excluding local government legal persons), 
  • EU funds that, with the agreement of the European Commission, may be distributed for the support of tasks implementation
  • contributions from the state budget
  • proceeds from treasury securities transferred to the fund by the Minister of Finance
  • bonds issued by BGK
  • other income, including donations

A donation to help refugees in Poland can be made to a special account in Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego:

Payment reference: Payment to the Aid Fund


EUR: PL51 1130 0007 0000 0000 1390 2757

USD: PL94 1130 0007 0000 0000 1390 2759

If you have any questions about making a donation to The Aid Fund, please contact us: [email protected]

BGK’s role

BGK acts as the Fund’s operator, which means:

  • compiling and updating annual financial plan of AF, which is agreed with the Minister of Finance and approved by the Prime Minister, and makes a framework for effecting payments from the AF
  • administering the accounts of the Fund, distribution of funds to accounts within the AF dedicated to the tasks defined in the financial plan and to administrators of the budget sections authorized by the Prime Minister
  • servicing proceeds/payments made from AF’s resources
  • managing financial liquidity of the Fund, bond issuance
  • servicing debt incurred for the AF
  • reporting to the Minister of Finance and the Prime Minister on execution of the AF’s financial plan

The Act under which the Aid Fund was established does not specify the time frame of its functioning, however it will surely depend on the duration of ongoing crisis.


BGK Line: 801 598 88822 475 88 88

(from Monday to Friday from 7.30 a.m. to 5.30 p.m.)