Inland Waterways Fund

For whom?

inland waterways vessel operators that conduct their business activity registered in the territory of Poland

What for?

supporting inland waterways transport, consisting in providing financing for the modernization of shipping fleet and other projects connected with the restructuring of the sector

The legal basis for the functioning of the Inland Waterways Fund is the Act of 31 July 2019 on financial support for inland shipowners, the Inland Waterways Fund and the Reserve Fund.
The Inland Waterways Fund is intended to support ship-owners who carry out economic activity registered in the Republic of Poland, consisting of transporting cargo, carrying out maintenance and modernisation work on inland waterways or transporting passengers on vessels designed or used to carry more than 12 passengers.

Forms of support granted through the Fund

  • preferential loans for co-financing the purchase, modernisation or repair of a ship
  • partial redemption of preferential loans
  • refinancing the purchase of a ship's equipment component

Financing to inland waterway vessel operators is provided according to the limits defined in the Fund's financial plan for the year in question and in the order in which the applications for each instrument have been submitted.

Financial support from the Fund constitutes de minimis aid. It is granted within the scope and on the principles set out in generally applicable regulations concerning de minimis rule.