Polish Science Fund

The Polish Science Fund (PSF, Fund) was established in Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego under the Act of 4 April 2019 on supporting scientific activity from the Polish Science Fund (Journal of Laws, item 823).

Aim of the Fund

The main task of the Fund is to finance scientific activities, excluding artistic creation, which are particularly important for the implementation of the country's development strategy, aimed at the development of innovative products and supporting the creation and development of innovative ways of organising research and development activities.

The scientific activity is carried out by a Virtual Research Institute (Wirtualny Instytut Badawczy - WIB), which is a form of organisation of work of selected, internationally competitive research teams, carrying out scientific activities with high potential for social and economic applications, under the guidance of a leader of recognised scientific achievements, whose aim is to commercialise its results.

The area of activity of the research teams is medical biotechnology with particular emphasis on work in the field of oncology.

The fund is also aimed at increasing the innovation of enterprises in the domestic and foreign markets, where, in addition to horizontal solutions which increase the innovativeness of the economy, the support will be concentrated on selected areas and technologies which are of significant importance to the economy. 

 The creation of the Fund is one way of resolving the problems of low commercialisation of innovative ideas. Such funding is essential for carrying out research and implementing its results.