Thermo-modernisation and Renovation Fund

For whom?

micro-, small and medium-sized enterprises, local government, private persons

What for?

projects related to thermo-modernisation or renovation of buildings

The Thermo-modernisation and Renovation Fund was established in Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego in place of the Thermo-modernisation Fund. The legal basis of the Fund is the Act of 21 November 2008 on supporting thermo-modernisation and renovation (Journal of Laws of 2020, item 412).

The aim of the Fund is to provide financial aid to investors carrying out thermo-modernisation and renovation projects and to pay compensation to owners of residential buildings in which accommodation was provided. The support is granted in the forms of:

  • thermo-modernisation bonus 
  • renovation bonus
  • compensation bonus

Bonus i.e. a repayment of a credit granted to the investor by a commercial bank, or (in the case of a compensation bonus) covering part of the costs of a project financed with own funds.

Within the framework of servicing the Thermo-modernisation and Renovation Fund, Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego makes decisions on awarding the bonus and after meeting the conditions for its payment, it transfers the bonus.