3SIIF with the Economic Award of the Polish Radio

The Three Seas Initiative Investment Fund, the initiator, co-founder and main investor of which is Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego, received an Economic Award of the Polish Radio. The Fund was awarded in the “Breakthrough Solution” category for the activities initiating infrastructure projects in the Three Seas region.

3SIIF is an economic dimension of the Three Seas Initiative. The funds are invested in key infrastructure projects in three areas: transport, energy and digital technologies. Apart from strengthening cooperation and improving infrastructure within the region, the Fund’s goal is to provide profit to its investors.

“I would like to thank the jury of the Economic Award of the Polish Radio for appreciating the initiative of establishing the Three Seas Fund. I am very pleased with this award but what I am most proud of is the fact, that by establishing the Fund we showed that breakthrough initiatives joining a dozen of European countries can be established. Through our initiative we showed that you can think about the economic development not only in the context of particular countries but the entire region. First three investments in key sectors are already behind us. The investments will allow us to join our countries and boost the development in the region.” – Beata Daszyńska-Muzyczka, the chairperson of the 3SIIF supervisory board and the president of BGK, said.

The constitutive act of the Three Seas Fund was signed in May in 2019 upon the initiative of BGK and in cooperation with Romanian EximBank. Nowadays there are 9 countries from the Three Seas region involved and EUR 1 billion is the overall commitment of investors. The Fund will ultimately have at its disposal from EUR 3 to 5 billion, investing in the projects of total worth up to EUR 100 billion. The Three Seas Initiative Investment Fund funds are complementary to the public money and European Union funds. Institutions representing the Three Seas countries, international financial institutions and private investors may be the investors in the Fund.

Polish Radio presents the Economic Awards to those enterprises that shape and give a modern character to the economy. It is an attempt to motivate and stimulate the processes advantageous for the development of national economy, but also the promotion of modern forms of producing consumer goods based on new technologies. The award is presented in three categories. The most innovative companies in Poland, from start-ups to large enterprises, are awarded in the category “Breakthrough solution”.