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BGK Strategy for 2014-2017

BGK Strategy for 2014-2017

The new BGK Strategy for 2014-2017 defines the current role of BGK as a state development bank. It underscores its mission which is to support social and economic growth of Poland and the public finance sector in the performance of its tasks.

The objectives defined in the strategy are in line with the expectations of the Bank's stakeholders and with the internal environment conditions, including the priorities of the Polish government's economic policy.BGK aims to fulfil its mission based on such values as: stability, transparency, continuous improvement, professionalism and joint accountability.

BGK strategic goals include strengthening of the Bank's role through multiplying its current involvement in financing projects under the Polish Investments programme and by expanding guarantee and surety-related activities.

BGK also plans to achieve and maintain its key role in the implementation of European programmes, particularly in the field of revolving facilities.
Another area mentioned in the strategy is the expansion and achievement of a visible scale of investment activity, primarily in the field of the Apartment for Rent Fund.

One of BGK's strategic goals is to increase the availability of funding and the scale of operation in supporting export activities of Polish companies.

Additionally, BGK shall:

  • increase efficiency of its statutory operation (support for the public finance sector and management of governmental funds and programmes);
  • ensure return on equity that is stable and exceeds yields offered by Polish Treasury bonds;
  • ensure growing cost efficiency;
  • maintain high quality of assets within a defined risk level.