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Mission and tasks

Mission and tasks

Supporting social and economic growth of Poland and the public finance sector in the performance of its tasks.


Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego - The State Development Bank of Poland

Today BGK both implements and initiates numerous programmes supporting the economic development of Poland. It is the pillar of the Polish Investments programme under which it organises long-term funding of investment projects, including investments of strategic importance for the national economy and state interests. It manages export support and infrastructure programmes and develops a system of sureties and guaranties.

BGK is involved in the financing of local government entities (LGEs), utility companies and healthcare institutions and in the implementation of programmes aimed to improve the housing market situation and the availability of housing in Poland.

It is a leading institution in the process of public finance consolidation and in the flow of European funds.

Currently, BGK actively participates in the implementation of the state's economic objectives. During the economic slowdown, it provides funding for infrastructure investments and thus supports growth of this sector of the economy. It is an important link in the provision of funding and support for areas that are important for the society, such as housing infrastructure, energy efficiency and public utilities. It supports Polish exporters by taking on part of the risk related to trading activities of Polish companies. In collaboration with other financial institutions, BGK improves access to funding for businesses, which translates into lower unemployment and stronger GDP growth.