First business - Start-up Aid Government Programme

First Business – Start-up Aid Government Programme is a low-interest loan for people who want to start a business of their own, but also for companies that want to create jobs.

For whom?

students, graduates, the unemployed, carers of disabled people, companies

What for?

starting business activity, loans for creating new workplaces and free consulting or training services

The support is aimed at graduates of schools and universities and last year students who are looking for jobs, registered unemployed people and also carers of the disabled looking for a job.

The support is also for entrepreneurs, private kindergartens and schools and also agricultural producers. Nurseries, children’s clubs and entities providing rehabilitation services can apply for financial support to create a new workplace connected with the care or rehabilitation of the disabled children.

How do you benefit?

  • Comprehensive advice at the application stage
  • Some of the best financing conditions on the market
  • Availability across whole Poland
  • Possibility of loan waiving
  • Consultancy after concluding the loan agreement
  • Assistance in choosing the right security