Government Programme Financial Support for Exports

For whom?

Polish exporters and foreign importers buying goods and services from Poland

What for?

financing buyers of Polish goods and services as well as their banks, securing payment related to Polish exports

BGK grants credits for financing purchases of Polish goods and services to foreign importers (directly or through importer's bank) pursuant to Government Programme Financial Support for Exports. Credit funds are disbursed directly to Polish exporters. Foreign importers repay the credits directly to BGK or to their bank according to the repayment schedule (maximum repayment period is 12 years, depending on the structure of the transaction).

The Government Programme Financial Support for Exports includes the following instruments of supporting Polish exports:

  • Buyer's bank credit
  • Buyer's credit granted directly to the importer
  • Purchase of receivables from supplier credit
  • LC post-financing
  • LC discounting
  • LC confirmation
  • Export pre-financing

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DOKE Programme (interest-rate support for export credits) is an instrument used to support exports financed with medium-term and long-term credits at fixed interest rates.