Housing for a Start

Housing for a Start is a specific financial aid for people with moderate or lower income (including young people, families with children, disabled people or senior citizens) in maintaining flats rented for a long period of time.

For whom?

local governments, private individuals

What for?

rent subsidy for tenants or sub-tenants

Tenants or subtenants of flats (newly created or revitalized in cooperation of investors with municipalities) will benefit from Housing for a Start Programme. The subsidy will be granted to people who meet the conditions specified in the Act. The municipality is responsible for approving new tenants and in agreement with the investor, it indicates the flats subject to rent subsidies.

The rent subsidy programme has two main goals: social and investment. The former constitutes aid for households experiencing difficulties in independent tending to their housing needs. The latter – an incentive to implement investments regarding the construction of flats for rent.