Jessica2 is the second edition of the programme offering preferential, low-interest loans for revitalization projects from EU funds available from Regional Operational Programmes. The first edition was financed from the European Union's budgetary perspective for 2007-2012 and was successfully completed in the form of a dozen or so reviatlization investments. Mazowieckie, pomorskie, śląskie and wielkopolskie voivodeships decided to take part in the programme again. 

Revitalization projects combining commercial and social elements, that are within the area indicated by the municipality in the revitalization project, may apply for the funds. The applicant may be an entity from the public as well as private sector. In the previous edition BGK financed, among other things, a hotel or an office building, where the investors additionally declared implementation of non-commercial activities that positively affect a given area e.g. designating part of the created space for educational and cultural functions.

You may obtain the support e.g. for

  • building insulation,
  • windows and lighting replacement,
  • reconstruction of heating systems in multi-family residential buildings or public buildings,
  • refrigeration installations,
  • Renewable Energy Sources,
  • cogeneration,
  • energy monitoring and managing systems