Social rental housing construction programme

For whom?

local governments, housing market entities (including social housing associations, social housing initiatives, housing cooperatives, municipal companies)

What for?

development of housing construction

What is social rental housing?

Social rental housing is one of the distinctive sectors of public housing because:

  • access to flats is provided on non-market terms on the basis of the criteria determined by public authorities
  • during the stage of construction, conversion or use of buildings the entities that implement the investments use the support of public funding
  • it is implemented by the entities for whom making a profit is not the main aim

The aim of the support for social rental housing is to improve housing supply. We have been supporting rental housing in Poland for years. National Housing Fund existed up to 2009 and we granted preferential credits for investment and construction projects from its funds.

Today we continue supporting this sector. We are co-initiator of the government programme that since 2015 has been supporting social rental housing. We realize that programme through granting preferential social rental housing credits that contribute to the development of rental housing construction with moderate rents as well as cooperative and tenancy flats. This programme helps in implementing urban policy and revitalization of degraded areas and also contributes to the gradual meeting of the demand for flats in this market segment.