Support for social economy entities

For whom?

Social Economy Entities i.e. social enterprises, social cooperatives, reintegration entities, NGO’s

What for?

financing the start-up or expansion of a business, creating new labour places

On the basis of an agreement signed by BGK on 25 April 2016 with the Minister of Family and Social Policy (MRiPS), Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego acts as Manager of the National Social Entrepreneurship Fund within the framework of the Operational Programme Knowledge Education Development, Measure 2.9 Development of Social Economy (Project).

The Project offers preferential loans to social economy entities with the possibility of obtaining partial interest rate subsidy. 

The Project aims to increase the number of social economy entities (SEE) using repayable forms of financing, i.e. loans. MRiPS has allocated a total of approximately PLN 143 million for this purpose. Additional approximately PLN 16 million comes from the own funds of the financing institutions granting the loan (financial intermediaries).

Using the repayable form of financing will

  • contribute to the development of the activity conducted by SEEs by increasing the level of income and employment
  • strengthen the effectiveness in managing their own financial resources and will facilitate their operations on the competitive goods and services market
  • positively affect offer extension and better customization of the already offered products/services