EU loans from Regional Operational Programmes

What are EU loans?

EU loans have replaced the subsidy system well known to Polish companies. These are revolving financial instruments in the form of loans, loan guarantees and capital entries, which can be reused upon repayment. Entrepreneurs from fifteen voivodeships have a chance to receive funds from EU loans from the Regional Operational Programmes 2014-2020. The wide range of products is tailored to the real, previously identified needs of individual regions. In each of them we offer loans for the development of companies - we finance projects that increase their competitiveness, but also provide funds for investments in production equipment, modern machinery and equipment that expands the scale of the company's operations or enriches the companies' offer with new products and services or allows for innovation. What is important, our aim is to support all entrepreneurs - both experienced ones investing in the development of the company and those taking their first steps in business, setting up their own business.

EU loans not only feed business, but also finance investments related to revitalisation, energy efficiency improvements, thermal modernisation, the use of renewable energy sources in businesses, multi-family residential buildings and the public sector.

Project co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund and the European Social Fund.