Government Programmes

EU loans from Regional Operational Programmes

Contact form for Importers

Government Programme for Exports Support

Support for foreign buyers in the purchase of Polish goods and services.

Loan repayment sureties/guarantees, granted in cooperation with banks providing credit facilities under the government programme “Supporting Entrepreneurship through BGK Sureties and Guarantees

Government programme of guarantees and sureties supporting entrepreneurship.

DOKE Exports Support Programme

A subsidies loan schemes programme towards export finance.

Financial support programme for creating social housing premises, sheltered housing, dosshouses and homes for the homeless.

A programme of non-repayable financial aid for the construction industry the aim of which is to increase the number of dwellings, premises and other space under the field of social assistance services.

The subsidy programme for bank loan interest, which were granted for removing consequences of floods, landslides and hurricanes

Support program for victims of floods, landslides and hurricanes.

The Bug River Area Act

Cash payments by means of compensation for leaving the property outside the present borders of the Republic of Poland.

Programme of support for social rental housing

Support for social economy entities in 2014-2020

Loans from the “First Business - Support at the start” Programme

The Financial Exports Support Government Programme

Non-repayable construction support from the Subsidy Fund