Government Program for Exports Support

BGK grants credits for financing purchases of Polish goods and services to foreign importers (directly or through importer's bank) pursuant to Act passed by the Council of Ministers on the 28th July 2009 establishing Government Program for Exports Support („Government Program")- text available only in Polish. Credit funds are disbursed directly to Polish exporters. Foreign importers repay the credits on completion of goods' deliveries or services.
Credits granted to the foreign importers are insured by Korporacja Ubezpieczeń Kredytów Eksportowych S.A.(Export Credit Insurance Corporation, „KUKE") from political and commercial risks.

The Government Program includes following instruments of supporting Polish exports:

Medium- and long-term financing (repayment period of two years or more):

  • Buyer's credit granted through importer's bank
  • Buyer's credit

Short-term financing (financing period of less than two years):

  • Post-financing documentary letters of credit,
  • Discounting receivables from documentary letters of credit.

Products offered in short-term financing are applicable to the documentary letters of credit issued by banks registered in non-marketable risk countries.