Purchase of Export Receivables

Purchase of Export Receivables is offered as part of Government Programme Financial Support for Exporters. In compliance with Programme’s objectives Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego (BGK) has a possibility to refinance (in the form of Receivables Purchase) the credit provided by Polish exporter to his foreign partner, insured by KUKE (Supplier’s Credit Insurance).

To accomplish Purchase of Export Receivables by BGK, Exporter is obligated to:

  • complete a contract for export of Polish goods/services, concluded on terms of trade credit and
  • receive insurance from KUKE (Supplier’s Credit Insurance).

It is recommended to contact BGK before signing the Export Contract.

Terms and conditions of Purchasing Export Receivables

Purchase of Export Receivables is held on following terms:

  • BGK purchases up to 85% of receivables under Export Contract (Exporter had granted a trade credit for purchasing goods/services to the Importer).  Not less than 15% of the value of exported goods/services must constitute the Importer's own share and should be paid directly to Exporter in cash as an advance payment.
  • Repayment period is usually between 2 to 5 years and it should be adapted to the terms of Arrangement on Officially Supported Export Credits (OECD)
  • Purchase of receivables is conducted after fulfilling the commercial contract  by Exporter

Purchase of Receivables is possible for contracts fulfilling following conditions:

  • Polish origin of exported product
  • Purchase of investment goods and services
  • Export contract establishing settlement by Supplier credit
  • Supplier’s Credit Insurance by KUKE

Additional condition of accomplishing purchase of receivables by the Bank is transferring to BGK rights included in the contract and KUKE policy. Only the receivables are the subject of the transfer to BGK – Exporter’s liabilities involved in realization of the contract such as providing guarantees and warranties are not the subject of transfer.

Exporter’s benefits

Purchase of Export Receivables by the Bank is an attractive form of financing export.

As main advantages we can appoint:

  • Transfer of payment risk for the provided goods/services to BGK and KUKE S.A.
  • The possibility of offering postponed payment to the Importer
  • Improvement of financial liquidity
  • Long repayment period
  • No recourse to Exporter
  • No obligation for participation of a foreign bank
  • Low costs of external advisors
  • Simple procedure

Operation costs

Pricing would be agreed individually according to risk profile of the transaction.

Transaction scheme

The process of export financing in the form of Receivables Purchase proceeds according to following scheme: