Programme of support for social rental housing

What is social rental housing (SRH)?

Social rental housing is one of the public housing sectors distinguished by the fact that:

  • access to housing is provided on a non-market basis on the basis of criteria defined by public authorities
  • at the stage of construction, alteration or use of buildings, the entities implementing the investment are supported by public funds
  • it is implemented by entities whose main purpose is not to generate profit

Support for social rental housing - basic information

We have been supporting rental housing in Poland for years. Until 2009, there was the National Housing Fund, whose funds were used to grant preferential loans for investment and construction projects in which apartments with a limited rent or cooperative tenants' apartments were built.

Today we continue to support this sector. We are the co-initiator of a government programme that has supported social housing since 2015. We do this by granting preferential loans to SRH, which contribute to the development of residential housing for rent with moderate rents, as well as cooperative tenant housing. The programme helps to implement urban policy and revitalise degraded areas and contributes to the gradual satisfaction of demand for housing in this market segment

Annually, PLN 450 million is available to borrowers under the programme to support social housing, divided into two equal parts in the spring and autumn edition of the call for proposals for SRH preferential loans. The money that remains unused in a given edition increases the pool in the next edition of the call for proposals.

The resources allocated to the SRH loans come partly from loans granted by the European Investment Bank (EIB) and the Council of Europe Development Bank (CEB), while the interest rate preference is provided by the State budget.

So far, nearly 110,000 rental apartments have been built with the support of financing provided by BGK (loans for investment and construction projects, SRH, construction).