The subsidy programme for bank loan interest, which were granted for removing consequences of floods, landslides and hurricanes

Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego applied subsidies from budget means for calculation of interest on loans granted to natural persons and legal persons for removing the following consequences:

  • floods which have occurred since 1997
  • land slides that have occurred since 2000
  • Hurricanes that have occurred since 2001.

Loans are granted by the bank branches that co-operate with Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego, a swell as BGK branches.

Loans with interest subsidies are designed for: housing property owners and supervisors, residential buildings, as well as technical infrastructure premises that accompany residential housing.

The bank loan is granted for 10 years with a possibility of a grace period in paying off capital up to 24 months. The loan amount varies subject to its purpose, as well as renovation and reconstruction costs.

Loan interest is 2% on a yearly basis. The difference between interest paid by a debtor, and interest calculated according to interest fixed by the crediting bank is covered by BGK from the budget means.