The National Road Fund

The National Road Fund, established in Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego pursuant to the Act on toll roads and the National Road Fund dated October 27, 1994, has been operated within the structures of the Bank since 2004. NRF was created to facilitate the investment process of constructing roads and improving the efficiency of utilising public funds by supporting the delivery of the government programme of constructing roads. The National Road Fund is currently the major source of financing construction of roads in Poland. The Fund's main source of funding is an 80% share in the revenue from the fuel fee paid on motor fuels and gas introduced to the domestic market (reduced in the years 2020-2021 by a total of PLN 1,385 million, which will be transferred to the Railway Fund and the Fund for the development of public utility bus transport), as well as revenue from the collection of tolls on national roads and tolls on toll sections of motorways.

Other sources of funding NRF include:
  • funds from loans incurred by Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego and from bonds issued by BGK for NRF;
  • refunds from the EU budget (as part of the programmes co-financed from the EU funds for road infrastructure);
  • inflows from electronically charged tolls on motorways managed by Generalna Dyrekcja Dróg Krajowych i Autostrad (GDDKiA), on express roads and selected national roads by a motorvehicles or a combination of vehicles with maximum permissible weight of over 3.5 tonnes (viaTOLL electronic toll collection system);
  • inflows from tolls charged for using motorways managed by GDDKiA by a motorvehicles or a combination of vehicles with maximum permissible weight ≤ 3.5 tonnes (manual toll collection system);
  • payments made by companies, in line with the terms of agreements for construction and operation, or operation only, of toll motorways, including revenue from tolls charged by the company.
The main objective of the Fund is to collect funds for construction and reconstruction of national roads. Additionally, the Fund's resources are allocated to:
  • financing construction and reconstruction of road structures and ferry facilities and purchasing devices for weighing vehicles;
  • financing the needs related to collection of data on public roads and preparing information on the public road network, improvement of traffic safety;
  • financing construction and operation of toll collection systems (electronic and manual toll collection system);
  • payments to companies in relation to their delivery of obligations under the agreement for construction and operation, or operation only, of toll motorways, including remuneration for availability of the motorway;
  • financing the costs of consultancy services related to construction and reconstruction of national roads;
  • financing the costs of creating an SPV and financing the road-related projects undertaken by the SPV;
  • servicing debt incurred by BGK for the Fund (repayment of loans including interest and other costs and covering the costs of issues, interest and redemption of bonds issued by BGK for the Fund);
  • repayment by GDDKiA - pursuant to the act on repayment of selected unsatisfied receivables of businesses, resulting from delivery of public contracts granted - unsatisfied receivables of businesses for works delivered and accepted, which were delivered under contracts with the contractor.

The basis for using NRF funds is the annual financial plan of the Fund, prepared by BGK and agreed by the minister competent for transportation and minister competent for public finance, with recommendation from minister competent for regional development in relation to the funds allocated for the delivery of the investment under operating programmes co-financed by the European Union. Payments from the Fund for road projects are effected based on requests issued by GDDKiA to Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego.