Non-repayable construction support from the Subsidy Fund

The purpose of the government's non-repayable financial support programme for construction is to increase the supply of housing and social welfare premises to meet the needs of people on low and average incomes.

The programme is financed by the Subsidy Fund and is operated by BGK.

BGK’s tasks include:
  • accepting applications for financial support and their formal evaluation
  • notifying the support beneficiaries who submitted applications of the results of the formal evaluation and BGK's decision to grant support
  • concluding contracts with beneficiaries of the support for financial support
  • making payments of funds
  • monitoring of projects covered by financial support in terms of meeting contractual and statutory conditions
  • checking the correctness of settlement of the support granted after the completion of the project
  • periodical verification of the level of compensation granted in the case of public service activities of general economic interest
  • publishing information about the programme in the Public Information Bulletin (on the website