Tourist Refund Fund (TRF)

The Tourist Refund Fund (TRF) is one of the forms of aid for the tourism industry from the anti-crisis shield. 

Aim of the Fund:

The Tourist Refund Fund has been established in BGK, from which payments to travellers will be made until the funds accumulated there are exhausted. Payments will be made if the traveller has not received reimbursement of the advance payment made or has not agreed to accept the voucher for a journey which has been cancelled due to the pandemic. Receipt of applications and payments to travellers will be carried out by the Insurance Guarantee Fund.

Payments shall be made to the traveller by the Insurance Guarantee Fund within 14 days from positively verified payment requests submitted by the tour operator and the traveller.

The aid is a repayable instrument. The funds paid out will be reimbursed by the tour operators in 72 instalments.