Success stories

As a financial partner we are actively involved in the support of entrepreneurship and sustainable socio-economic development of Poland.  Our programmes respond to the main market and economic challenges.

Here you will find the stories of entrepreneurs who followed their dreams, do what they love and how we as the bank helped them in making it come true.

You will also find cases where we supported housing, infrastructure investments, local governments and projects aimed at the development of Poland and Polish cities.

Maciej Mikołajczyk, the owner of Mikomax

Desk for everyone

Paweł Bartczak and Anna Kaczor, the owners of EMS Body Room

EMS Body Room

Monika Osińska, the owner of Houses and Apartments for rent

OSIŃSCY - Houses and Apartments for rent

Łukasz Porzeczek the owner of (Non)explosive business

(Non)explosive business

Sylwia Paciura - właścicielka winnicy prezentująca wina

Nad Jarem Vineyard

Maciej Ostrowski, the CEO of Zatorze Housing Community

Housing Community Zatorze

Karolina Kuzioła-Sierosławska the owner of Słodko patisserie

Słodko Patisserie

Jarosław Pilecki, the CEO of Diversified Social Cooperative ARTE

Diversified Social Cooperative ARTE

Katarzyna Ciężarkiewicz from OPAL Maksimum company

Revitalization of old train station in Katowice

The owners of the In the trees guesthouse

In the trees

The owner of the High Five kindergarten

High Five

the block after revitalization

Housing cooperative "Zorza"

Małgorzata Kozłowska-Stora the owner of Karpatka restaurant


Natalia van Vlerken the owner of Zpsitupem


Piotr Kubiak the owner of Filati


the inhabitants of a block in Mokotów

Housing community

Hala Koszyki in Warsaw

Hala Koszyki

Marta Pawelec, the owner of Drawings different from any others

Drawings different from any others